Frequently Asked Questions:


Where are you located?   Chattanooga, Tennessee

Which type of steel tubes do you use?   True Temper, Columbus, Deda chain stays, and Nova seat tubes. 

Are all your frames made of steel?   Yes. We braze and tig weld.

Why steel?  How long do you have? In a nutshell, it's the best. Period. 

I want a custom bike?  For the first 4.5 years we only built custom bikes so we speak that language. For details regarding custom bikes please send us an email, however due to the overly complicated nature of building truly custom bikes we are only accepting a very limited number of custom orders. If you are interested in having a custom bike built frame sets start at $2200.00

Do you accept trade-ins?  Typically no, unless it's one of a specific few vintage motorcycles or of the pre-'67 VW bus variety .

Do you sell used bikes?  Yes, you can check our current inventory in our store.

Can you build my bike with a bb30 or a pf30?    Yes, but I won't. OK... how' about the new t47? Yes. 

Paint or Powder-coat?  Both are great actually.  If you're looking for a show-stopping finish then paint is the obvious choice; however, If you're looking for durability then I recommend powder-coat.  

Can you paint my "other" bike? Yes, we can paint all bikes...this starts at $250.00 We can even paint/ powder coat your Yeti cup to match if you like. 

I see that some of your frames are not painted... why and will they rust?  Yes and Yes, I would say that one out of every 5 frames leaves the shop unpainted. It's an aesthetic choice and (I) personally love the look of an unpainted frame. It shows character, craftsmanship, personality, and a beauty that no man or machine could ever duplicate. Because of this, we offer a painfully simple and inexpensive method to preserve the natural patina of your frame while also protecting your investment. 

Can I come by the shop and see where things happen? Yes, for sure... We have a beautiful new retail space thar we share with Speed Deluxe and Velo Coffee located at 521 Cherokee blvd, 37405. If you would like to tour the fabrication shop it is by appointment only. 

Service?  Yes, we offer first-class service on road, mountain, and city bikes. If you're interested in our services, please email us for an appointment. Typical turnaround in 24hrs.

Warranty?  Yes. Warranty is judged by a case-by-case basis. Crash, or repair work is available at a discounted shop rate which does not include materials, coating repairs, or associated shipping. If there is a craftsmanship problem with a frame it will be repaired or replaced. Several things that are not covered include… rust, damage associated with a crash, chain suck, damage due to misuse or neglect, normal wear to the paint or powder coating.

How do I care for my new bike or frame?  Caring for your new Silent frame is simple but important. The interior of every frame and fork is treated with Frame Saver before it leaves the shop. This is a protective spray that is applied to the inside of the frame and/or fork legs. For normal use re-apply frame saver twice a year. If you are riding frequently in wet weather re-apply more than twice a year. If your bike becomes submerged in water i.e.: a muddy cross race or crossing a stream you should pull the seat post and bottom bracket out when you return home in order to let the frame dry completely.  If your frame came with drain holes do not plug them. 

Keeping your bike clean is a easy way help ensure that your machine will be working smoothly. You can use automotive cleaners and waxes, just make sure they are clear coat safe. If you happen to chip the paint on your frame touch up paint is available. If you're in a pinch fingernail polish works well. 

Have your bike serviced by a reputable shop with professional mechanics as at least once a year. If you're involved in any sort of crash take care to inspect your frame and fork. If you have questions feel free to contact us directly. 

I have an X thats broken, can you weld it/ fix it for me?  Yes... but bikes come first. Tig welding runs $75/hr and our day rate for general fabrication on campers, vans, special bike projects, scooters, tables, stools, book cases, tv stands, etc. is $500+ material.  Feel free to email us and we can go from there.